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Episode Show Notes


Episode Title: Designing Your Business with Home Life

Subtitle: The Goodness Collaborative helps businesses bring work and home life together

Social Headline: Diane Bradley of The Goodness Collaborative talks about small business growth and home office life in the Covid-19 era.

​​Episode Description: John & Kristina welcome Portland-based business consultant Diane Bradley of The Goodness Collaborative and how she went from consulting big companies like Nike, Kaiser, and OSU to working with smaller size businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and thrive in times of a global pandemic, and how her all-woman team is developing ways to build strong business models that nurture home life along with the business. 

This episode also brings a new twist to the Portland Package where Diane shares some of her great spots for new families to experience outdoor activities that are safe-distance friendly and fun for kids.


Diane also shares her unique story of living in four different homes on the same street and John and Kristina discuss with Diane the new realities of working from home and how to create a workspace that becomes your “Stable Zone” and other tips to maintain a home office that is functional, productive where you can be inspired and innovative.  

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Keywords: Small Business, Entrepreneur, Home Office, Real Estate, Consultation, Women, Team, Team Building, Portland, Travel, Lifestyle, Parks, Family, Kids, Pandemic, Covid 19, Safe Distance, Activities

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