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Meet Na'eem Hall

Thorn City Syndicate Management est. 2014

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**Skills and Approach**


As a professional in the entertainment industry, I pride myself on being a strategic thinker. My experience in branding and managing project resources has allowed me to navigate the dynamic world of podcasting and artist management. Effective communication and collaboration are at the core of my approach, allowing me to build strong relationships with teams, clients, and artists. With a knack for problem-solving, I handle unexpected challenges during project execution with composure and creativity. Adaptability and quick thinking are my allies, ensuring that our projects remain on track and deliver outstanding results.


I invite you to join me on this exciting journey of podcast production and podcast brand management. Whether you're a fellow podcaster, artist, or enthusiast, together, we can create something truly extraordinary. Thank you for visiting my website, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or wish to explore potential collaborations.

Welcome to my world of podcasting and P]project management! I'm Na'eem Hall, and I have a true passion for bringing stories and high-quality content to life through podcast production. With experience as the Founder of Thorn City Syndicate and Project Manager at GMP Podcast Group, I've had the privilege of working to deliver high-quality podcasts that resonate with audiences worldwide.


**My Podcast Journey**


Since June 2020, I've been a vital part of GMP Podcast Group, where I currently serve as a Podcast Project Manager. In this role, I take on the responsibility of overseeing every aspect of the podcast production process. From conceptualization to branding and pre-production to launch, I ensure that each podcast episode is meticulously planned, flawlessly executed, and delivered on time.


Collaboration lies at the heart of my work, and I'm fortunate to work closely with a diverse team of writers, designers, audio and video editors, hosts, and guests. Together, we strive to produce quality podcast content that leaves a lasting impact on our audience. Throughout the process, I foster positive relationships with clients and internal teams, ensuring seamless coordination and a smooth production journey.


**My Journey as an Artist Manager**


Before my venture into podcasting, I had the honor of managing the career of the talented hip-hop artist 3rd Twin under the banner of Thorn City Syndicate. From May 2014 to June 2020, I served as the primary point of contact and dedicated representative for 3rd Twin. As his manager, I managed bookings, scheduled live performances, tours, and appearances, ensuring that his music reached the right audience at the right time. I also played a key role in shaping 3rd Twin's creative direction, working closely with producers and creative teams to bring his vision to life.


Podcasting is solidly in the mainstream of popular culture, and it's growing in popularity. The need for a podcast and content has reached a critical mass that's why we  provide the best we can offer  to help businesses tell their stories and help grow your audience. I'm looking to build an old school network, a group of businesses, brands, and influencers that are cross-promoting. Our goal is to put together a group that have the potential to grow each other’s audiences through cross-promotion. Why should you create a network? Because it works! In order to survive in this ever-evolving market, we need to be able to explore different ways of engaging our audience and connect with them. We all know this is a big issue, and so many companies are spending plenty of resources to make that easier. One way you can make it easier is by creating a network. We want to make it easy to showcase and start growing brands. We could all look to benefit from creating our own network, it's tricky to get one to grow and be successful. We’re looking for creators who are interested in joining the network. We’re looking for shows that are already out, have just been released, or both. We’re looking for podcasters who want to be an active part of a community and work with other podcasts to grow their audience. To join the network, you have to be consistent. Consistency allows listeners to easily recognize your podcast. You have to be prepared to be;

  1. Flexible ...

  2. Have and Keep Clear Goals in Mind ...

  3. Use (and Expand) Your Network through cross-promotions? 

  4. To amplify important stories… 

  5. To become a part of a supportive community environment.

  6. We want reliable, highly produced, and consistent podcasts on the network. This is essential in order for the network to act as a form of cross-promotion for each member show and a one-stop shop for listeners looking for shows in your particular niche or genre.

  7. Our primary goal is to distribute great content surrounding a bigger mission and help your podcast gain traction.  

  • The network will launch in 2023. We already have a great group of shows lined up and ready for release. 

  • We have already solidified our partnerships and created a strong foundation for the network. The big picture to keep in mind when it comes to cohesiveness is that every member shows will be united under one mission and vision. Every new show add to the network will be made in alignment with what the GMP Podcast Group is trying to achieve. 

  • That’s not to say every podcast should be exactly the same — that would be boring, and the content we push out would be overly repetitive. Instead, we aim for diversity in the perspectives being shared but consistency in the overall goals set by our member podcasts. We want to see important and educational messages uplifted and spread around to the widest audience possible. 

  • We want to expand the opportunities for cross-promotions, paid advertisements, new potential network members, podcast episode guests, and more that can be mutually beneficial for the network as a whole. 


If you think GMP Network could be mutually beneficial for your show, reach out and connect with us. We will love to hear from you!

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