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"History In The Making"

The Rise and The Fall

A Powerful Documentary that follows the journey of Roy Moore III, who transcended the depths of addiction and violence to emerge as a beacon of hope and resilience. The film explores Roy's unwavering determination to transform adversity into a catalyst for personal growth and community empowerment. As part of his transformative journey, Roy discovered the healing power of music and began creating music as a form of therapy, using it to navigate the challenges he faced. His musical expression became a significant aspect of his story, illustrating the profound impact art can have on one's path to recovery and self-discovery


"Roy's Musical Journey" showcases his unique approach to healing. He found solace and strength in music, using it as his form of therapy. Roy created a soundtrack to his redemption, navigating life's challenges with resilience and rhythm. Join us in celebrating Roy's story of triumph and the transformative power of music.


This music video captures Roy's journey and the painful events that fed into his addiction. It is told from the perspective of a man who commits suicide and finds himself in a purgatory between life and death, reliving the conditions and events that led to his addiction and tragic end. 


The video resonated with audiences and garnered accolades at film festivals nationwide and internationally. Its powerful narrative and emotional depth struck a chord with viewers, highlighting the universal themes of resilience and redemption. The success of the video underscores the impact of storytelling in transforming personal challenges into sources of inspiration and hope."

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