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1. What is a podcast?


  • A podcast is defined by its ability to stream online or download for listening while offline. Listeners can subscribe or follow to receive more information about a certain topic.

2. How does my podcast get to other places?

  • Our team helps you with the recording, uploading, and content distribution.

3. What is an RSS feed?


  • A unique URL that links to a website dedicated specifically to your podcast with links to the listening platforms and any additional information your customer may need.


4. What is a podcast host?

  • Your podcast host is where your podcast content will be uploaded and will give you the RSS feed that can be sent out to different directories.

5. Can anyone start a podcast?


  • The simple answer is, YES. Don’t worry about your level of expertise, our team is here to help you. Find out how (external link)


6. How do I know that people listen to my podcast?

  • You'll have full access to the GMP Podcast Network platform on our host Omny Studio where you'll have full access to your analytics for each episode uploaded as well as the overall podcast.

7. Can I make money with my podcast?


  • Definitely, our professional team distributes your content on multiple platforms including social media. Our services include advertising and marketing tactics dedicated to each one of our clients.

8. How can I get more listeners to listen to my podcast?

  • We work with SEO tactics to get your podcast to your customer's ears. We narrow your podcast audience focus to match your current audience.

9. How do I start?


Click Here

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