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Episode 9 Available Now! From Navy Vet to Legal Advocate: Lawrence Stanfill-EL Journey, Basketball,

In this illuminating episode, sponsored by GMP Podcast Group, Thorn City Podcast Guy engages in a compelling conversation with Lawrence Stanfill-EL, exploring his remarkable journey from Navy veteran to courtroom victories. The discussion delves into Lawrence's invaluable lessons from his military service, the challenges he faced transitioning to civilian life, and the pivotal role of basketball in this transition. We learn about Lawrence's venture into entrepreneurship with Stanfill Yard Maintenance, his entrepreneurial lessons, and the successes he has achieved. The episode also sheds light on Lawrence's self-representation in various legal cases and his advocacy for education, family, and civil rights, culminating in the introduction of "The Common Wealth Show." Listeners are treated to advice for facing legal challenges, making this episode a source of inspiration, motivation, and insight into Lawrence's diverse experiences.

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