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Business & Life Coaching with Thorn City Podcast Guy (503)897-9595


Looking to improve your visibility, increase audience reach, attract

new leads, and maximize your chances of success? Then you need

The Podcast Guy Ebook Series! Learn the latest marketing strategies 

and how to create a brand that stands out from the competition.

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The Thorn City Syndicate Spotlight Show highlights entrepreneurs to enhance marketing, and delve into the world of advertising. Through engaging discussions and stories, the show shines a spotlight on exceptional individuals, businesses, influential brands, and influencers. It explores the minds of visionary entrepreneurs who have turned their dreams into reality, shares their triumphs, and reveals invaluable lessons learned along the way. The show delves into effective marketing strategies and partnerships, providing viewers with valuable knowledge and tools to make the most of their brand's potential. Through interviews with successful entrepreneurs, the show reveals the behind-the-scenes secrets to their achievements and imparts valuable insights to assist viewers in establishing their own brands. With its focus on entrepreneurship, marketing, and social media, the Thorn City Syndicate Spotlight Show acts as a doorway to success, empowering its audience to excel in their business endeavors, regardless of their level of experience or aspirations.


The Thorn City Syndicate Spotlight Show provides a comprehensive networking exploration of entrepreneurship, marketing, and social media. Each episode offers valuable insights, practical advice, and inspirational stories to empower viewers to thrive in their entrepreneurial journey. By combining expert interviews, real-life case studies, and engaging discussions, the show aims to equip its audience with the knowledge and mindset necessary to succeed in the dynamic business landscape.


Are you like Na’eem, a driven individual passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing, and social media? Are you seeking knowledge, inspiration, and new ideas to achieve great success in your business ventures? If so, this show is tailor-made for you.

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