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Choose Your Coaching Service

  • Life Coaching

    Every month
    Are you feeling lost, stuck, or dissatisfied with your life
    • helping clients in all areas of their lives
    • identify goals and uncover obstacles
    • collaborating with clients to create action plans
    • creating strategies that help clients persist toward goals
  • Business Coaching

    Every month
    If you're looking to start or grow your business
    • Developing a business coaching plan for new clients
    • Evaluating a business to determine its needs
    • Applying clients understanding of business strategies
    • Offering Suggestions for growth
  • Podcast Coaching

    Every month
    help you create an engaging podcast
    • Help Create Podcast Logo
    • Help Create Podcast Cover
    • Help Platforms set up: Apple Podcast, Google Podcast etc..
    • Teach how to Write up episode notes summary
    • Help Create episodic graphic artwork
    • Help Create platform-specific posts
    • Podcast Hosting - Creation RSS Feed
  • Brand Coaching

    Every month
    help your business create a strong, unique brand that
    • Create a strategy for developing and promoting your brand
    • Understand what makes your brand unique
    • Create a brand identity
  • Ebook Series

    Every month
    Perfect for beginners
    • The Podcast Guy Ebook Series
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