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Working with Busineses, Brands, and Influencers

Building Brands through the GMP Podcast Group Network

After working with my best friend Roy Moore, who went under the rap name 3rd Twin, he inspired me to start my business, Thorn City Syndicate. I started this business from my experience working with Roy and helping him launch music his career to new heights. He gave me the opportunity to book his shows for him, manage and grow his brand, and reach success after producing his “Honesty” Ep and Award-Winning Music Video which has won several awards at film festivals throughout the country and internationally. A Music Video that would capture Roy's story and the painful events that fed into his addiction told from the perspective of a man who commits suicide and finds himself in a purgatory between life and death, reliving the conditions and events that led to his addiction and tragic end. I’m proud of the impact that he continues to make in this generation as a public figure and community activist. He’s now 5 + years clean and sober, a homeowner, and director of the community care team with the non-profit Portland opportunity industrialization center.

I've spent the last 3+ years helping grow and building the GMP Podcast Group Brand with my business partner Juston Gaddis who co-produced and wrote the script for the 3rd Twin’s Award-Winning Video, which was a life-changing experience for me. Working with people from different walks of life and helping them bring their idea to life, which has been a rewarding experience. I’m forever grateful for all the people who have allowed me to contribute to their vision. “ I love what I do and how it helps people. I get great satisfaction in someone having an idea and helping them bring it to life to follow their dreams.

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Podcasting is your next natural step in brand building, we are all constantly connecting with people from clients to suppliers, team members to contractors, and podcasting is a natural extension for any brand that wants to expand its reach in today’s content creation era. Launching a podcast is much easier than it sounds. You just need a solid plan behind it and the drive to do it. The initial stages of creating and sharing a podcast can be nerve-racking. However, the excitement will keep you going if you follow my strategies, tips, and tricks. Podcasting has the potential to provide you with an exponential amount of business opportunities.

As of today, I'm excited to announce the "Brand Awareness Package" to Launch Brands through podcasting to help maximize the odds of them attaining their goals and dreams by using podcasting as a tool to increase productivity.

Brand Awareness Package - Podcast Workshop, Logo Design, Podcast Cover Art,

First Full Season  Podcast Show 10 episodes.

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So, if you are a business, brand, or influencer looking to learn more about podcasting and how to use it as a form of marketing to gain massive traction, here's everything you will need to get started!

Whether you’re new to podcasting or have had the itch to dive into it but have never really hit the green light, it’s time to leverage the benefits that comes with podcasting to increase your reach and leads to grow your brand. everything you need to know from starting to setting up and launching a successful podcast for your brand. 


Podcasting is everywhere it’s time to leverage the benefits. Podcasting is a viable option for branding yourself, developing a community, building a loyal audience base, spreading the word, and increasing your reach. There is no better time than today. In just about 2 years we have almost 200,000 clip downloads on the GMP Podcast Network.


The right time to get your podcast rolling to expand your reach and grow your brand is now.

Stop procrastinating and get started today!  

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Here's Exactly what you'll get to start
increasing your brand awareness through

Most importantly, you will have all of the assets and training you need to learn and have in place to launch your Branded Podcast so you can increase awareness, sales, lead generation, and relationship building.

Podcast Production Audio & Video - One Full Season Podcast Show 12 episodes in order to generate resources, ranks, and community engagement. We work with a pre-launch episode to prepare for the launch, three episodes for the launch, and one more for the following week. This multi-launch strategy has proved to be effective, and it creates a smooth process that helps in the promotion process before and after the launch.

Podcast intro & outro​ - Motion graphics bumpers for the podcast intro, and outro. The podcast intro, though is what gets your listener to your content. And the outro helps keep them listening to more episodes. It determines the lasting impression your listeners are left with, and it's your chance to direct them to take some form of action - whether that's visiting your website, leaving a review, DM you on Instagram, or signing up for a course.

Podcast Cover & Logo Creation  - creating the perfect visualization of your brand mark. it's usually a type of font or a symbol with the name of your show something simple and legible to help listeners identify your brand visually.

Episode Marketing Assets ($1,250 value) - you'll get 5 pieces of content each episode that we create for you to post on your socials. the Digital assets include an episode graphic, audio gram, video gram, motion graphic, and a quote card design. the average podcaster believes a thumbnail is the only visual they'll need for the podcast episode. However, it's not the only design element you should focus on. 


Podcast website - a dedicated podcast website to make it simple for listeners to discover new episodes, subscribe, share, and learn more about you. it creates an accessible archive to showcase all of your episodes in one place. The end goal is to reach as many listeners as possible and your website is the central tool you'll need.  

Brand merchandise starter pack ($250 value)  

10 t-shirts branded with your logo ready to sell. Merchandising products is another way to monetize an existing audience in exchange for a product that you hope they’ll love. Podcast merch is typically branded with your podcast’s logo or something fancy representing your show and can be anything from t-shirts to hats to mugs. podcast merch might be a great way to monetize your podcast and increase your brand awareness.

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$47 value Proven blueprint for success on Social Media. Tell your story and reveal something about yourself, you create a strong connection with your audience. Some will fall in love with your story, but all will not. Those who identify with you are and will be your followers.


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$17 value Here are some suggestions of ways in which you can do your promotions. In podcasting, building hype is essential, nearly 75 percent of most successful podcasts do prior show recording promotion to keep their audience in the loop.


The main reason I can now offer this type of package at this price is thanks to my partnership with GMP Podcast Group.

I now have a content creator studio and I've finally been able to put together a team of professionals 


Because of that, I'm lauching the Brand Awareness Package Today at the Lowest Rate Possible...

Normally $10,000+ Today just $5,000

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Get your $200 discount on your next 10 episodes

$550 $350 per episode Audio and Video publishing.

Located at 2406 E. Burnside St. Portland, OR  

with 2 recording rooms, and a welcoming sitting room.

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Whether you are experienced or new to Podcasting, GMP Podcast Group Network will make sure your Podcast looks and sound great with professional recording equipment that ensures you are broadcast-ready for distribution. 

Here's All You Need To Do Now

To get started with the Brand Awareness Package to begin increasing your Brand Awareness through Podcasting now, have your credit card ready and use our secure order form.

Just click the big blue button below to get started. Take 2 minutes to fill in our short action form, then you will be invited to schedule your intake appointment.

If you have any questions email our team at and our support staff will get right back to you. 

Just fill out the form below now to get started increasing your brand awareness.

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